Past-Life Seminar

Coming July 20-21 2019

Become equipt with how to best move forward in this life by hearing messages from your past.


Workshop located in Redwood City, CA. Details are given upon registration. 

Course Description
  • A month before the workshop, past-life researchers from Damanhur connect with an important past-life of yours and produce a one page summery of that life.


  • As the workshop begins, you also start a journey of exploration into the particular timeline of an important prior life.  


  • You will participate in several exercises that help awaken this person within so he or she can emerge from your memories.


  • Once you start to remember, this past life can help you expand in this life. He or she is a part of your team of knowledge. A profound part for people who have attended this seminar is how emotional it is to remember who they were. 


  • At the end, you are given your one-page summary, where you will find details of that life. It is like getting a letter from yourself from another time. 

Required for Participation:

Two images of you. 

  1. A recent picture of you with your face visable and no sunglasses 

  2. An image from about 10 to 15 years ago. 

Your full birth name, place and location

When you send in the information above, you authorize Damanhur to start the research on your behalf. This is a very sacred and time-consuming process that requires one month of work. 

For this reason, we need your picture, information and deposit of $100 by November 1st. 

We look forward to taking this journey into further expansion and liberation with you.

Hunter Moore's Bio



Hunter Moore is a professional Confidante who operates a successful, private coaching practice that focuses on the areas of sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and relationship.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Hunter emigrated to the USA in 1994 and has been living in California for the last 21 years.


She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, with post-graduate certification in Education. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Specialist, Hunter is an advocate for the role that hypnotherapy can play in our ability to be free of guilt and shame while expanding sensual and sexual self-expression.


Hunter is a graduate of Alison Armstrong’s PAX Mastery Program (specializing in mating and dating), and a graduate and practitioner of Dr. Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman’s Somatica Method of Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching. In addition, she is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.


Hunter has been married for 34 years (to her best friend of 45 years!), and has 28, 30 and 32 year old children. She has pursued a lifelong commitment to physical fitness and wellbeing, and is a devout student of Power Vinyasa yoga.