Because, you do not live one life but many.

When you arrive in this human incarnation, you bring your memories with you.  Not in the ordinary sense of the word memory, because we do not generally recall memories beyond this life.


However, we carry “memories” in the layers of our being. Part of our journey is to come in contact with this information and use it to enhance what we know. 


Some of the memories we need to awaken come from our past-lives. When you come in contact with prior lives, you awaken memories that reveal important aspects of yourself. You get to see that you are not just one personality in one life, but really you are a time-being that has a network of interlacing relationships! You are living in this physical world as a developing personality and you have a network of past-lives that are like programs also giving you information.



Getting to know your other lives is meeting yourself again and bringing back the memories in the layers of your being. It is not about loss, but instead expanding into yourself. You meet you! When you can see yourself as a time-being, you can see the magnificence of all of you. We are not limited to one life.



The developing personality inside of you is in the process of becoming in the time you are given here. Your life will benefit from knowing who you were and the information will help guide you in this life. Knowing your prior lives has been described as bringing about a feeling of finding something beautiful that was lost. In fact, it is not uncommon for people 



Each circle represents a life that you could have had. When you come in contact with a life, it has the potential to change you, to awaken parts of you. Yet, who are those lives and what adventures have you undertaken?


As a time-being, you have traveled through many lives and because of that, contain a vast array of information. It is good we do not have the memories of these past-lives at the time of birth or all at once. It is too much information. Yet in contacting these lives one at a time, we understand the depth of the word time-being or eternal life.


You are not one life, but many. Is it time to get to know them? 


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