Samonas Sound Therapy and Holistic Sound Healing

Sound therapy helps re-map the brain. Samonas Sound Therapy is a pioneering scientific-based approach to healing holistically with sound. It is a structured auditory intervention program that uses music, voice and nature sounds to re-map and restore the brain's ability to process auditory information. Ingo Steinbach, a German sound engineer with a broad background in music, physics and electronics, developed this method through 20 years of research. 


There is a mind-body connection with sound that makes its effects far reaching. According to Steinbach’s research, this integrative approach to healing can enhance sensory integration, learning difficulties, emotional healing and physical health.

Body and Emotional Functions
  • Body regulation, Arousal, Muscle Tone, Sleep, Eating
  • Body's ability to understand direction
  • Sense of Balance
  • Fine Motor/Coordination
  • Emotional Regulation (fear, anxiety, depression)
  • Attention, Attention Span, Focus, Discrimination, Sensory
  • Integration, Bilateral Integration
  • Positive Attitude
  • Centeredness, Ability to enjoy the moment
  • Stress Reduction, Learn to relax
  • Social-Emotional
  • Vitality, Energy
  • Intelligence 
  • Organs


  • Nerve Connections
  • Vestibulary System
  • Brain Stem, Mid Brain, Cortex, Left-Right    Hemisphere
  • Vocal Chords, Facial Nerves, Recurrence, Faciali

Sound therapy is used to enhance the auditory system which is a major system in the brain. It includes the limbic system so music can bring about different feelings and emotions. This is why music is used on TV and in movies. 


This therapy is similar to medication without having to ingest any pills. It is considered a very powerful resource for overcoming learning difficulties, emotional blocks and increasing energy levels. This therapy is used in hospitals, learning centers, with occupational therapists, psychological therapists and speech therapists. 


The training includes in-depth learning about the auditory system, how the skin, ear and brain processes sound, how the different CD's work and much more. 


Sound Therapy needs to be done with a licensed practitioner with experience. In some cases an Auidologist and/or another doctor needs to be involved. 


How it Works

~ We conduct an initial phone consultation to help you identify your desired outcome. Then you choose from our wide range of music selections based on your goals, and fill out a form to purchase . 

~ We deliver the music CDs to you for use at your own pace. To monitor and support your progress, we will consult with you on a weekly basis by phone or email, as you prefer.




~ This program can last 6-12 weeks or longer depending on your individual progress. 





Sound therapy kit which includes; 

ipod music player

specalized headphones

individualized program with sound therapy  




Holistic Perspective on Sound Healing


Using sound as a healing tool dates back more than a thousand years to Gregorian chants and Tibetan bowls. Sound is a vibration and therefore a frequency. Attuning a person’s vibrational field around the body to the frequency created through sound can have a wide variety of effects. 


Research published in 2011 by Robert Zatorre and Valorie Salimpoor of McGill University in Montreal showed music can release dopamine in the brain creating a boost of good and positive feelings.  But healing sound does more than create good feelings. It can affect areas within us that we might not yet realize need to be healed.


When our vibrational field is enhanced, we can sometimes have a wider range of capabilities and perceptions. Feeling better is just an end result of being at a healing vibration. Attuning our bodies to a field of healing can have profound effects. It can lead to what George Valiant, a director of Harvard’s landmark 75-year longitudinal study on men (the Grant Study of Adult Development) concluded in 2012: “Happiness is love.”