Life Navigation/Coaching             Hypnosis                     Used During Sessions
                One-to One                                        Prana                           ~ Bio-Mat and Bemer
                Health                                                 Reiki                            ~ Color Therapy
                Mindfulness Coaching                                                                               
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Life Navigation/Coaching  
These sessions help navigate you to an enhance your life path. Relationships, work and home can all resonate with more life. These sessions include ways to motivate yourself, grow trans personally and expand into what is possible for you. In person or phone sessions are available. 
One to One
One to one sessions offer help for those going through life transitions, facing challenges and life changes. In person or phone sessions are available.  
Health services are provided through functional medicine, herbal treatments, homeopathy and help through Petia Kremen, an Integrative M.D. By appointment only. 
Voice Feedback 
Voice feedback is a sound system created to help individuals enhance their auditory, vocal and emotional systems in their brain. A microphone, headset and certified sound therapy are used during therapeutic session to help activate advanced and faster emotional healing. 
Biomat and Beemer 
The biomat and the Beemer are mats used for healing physical pains and help relaxing the body. They have been used in hospitals and at home for their therapeutic effects.  
Color Therapy
Color therapy is used to help bring balance the body and mind. Colors have different wavelengths in which we absorb. In color therapy, a person lies down while different colors and sounds are taken into the body and used for mind-body balance. Color clothes are also used over different acupressure points using sound bowls to help enhance an overall feeling of release. 
Intuitive sessions can be used for help, guidance in life and direction. Reading are not done alone, but with Life Navigation or One to One sessions.
These sessions can be used to help unearth unconscious thought patterns so a person can let go of what is needed to help live a healthy life. 
Prana is an energy session that uses breath and life force to charge a person's life. With this session, life changes and positive awakenings occur for overcoming, healing and ultimately expanding into a different form of consciousness. This energy is what helps us evolve and move from mass to energy. This life force is only used on those who are really ready for their life to change. 
Reiki is traditional energy healing using the hands to help the subtle body. It is a gentel experience which is both relaxing and possibly healing for the body and emotions. 
Mindfulness Coaching
Mediation can change your life. We have devices to help motivate your practice and monitor brain activity, as well as heart-rate. Mindful Meditations are also available for groups and companies who would be interested in mindful ways to enhance life. It has been known to help with with calming, neurological healing, feeling better, improved sleep, brain function and much more.