Reiki is an alternative method starting about three thousand years ago to help people heal from emotional and physical pain. The methodology used is similar to hand on healing and the reasons behind its success are unknown at this time. From a scientific perspective, it is difficult to explain how reiki, hand on healing, prayer or Touch Therapy work inside the body and mind of its recipients. However, there are reports of spontaneous healing from all of the different modalities and the overall common feeling that research suggests is a sense of calm and peace. 


Many people have heard of Reiki as it started to familiarize itself in the US starting in the 1970's. In a typical session, the client is sitting or lying down while the practitioner places his or her hands either above the persons body or appropriately on the clothed client. According to this practice, Reiki works on the subtle body or what is called the vibrational surrounding of an individual, allowing for new information to come into the client. People who experience Reiki or the other alternative forms of healing are usually the ones who become enthusiastic about its results. It is one of those things you might have to experience to believe. 


There is also an added element which might influence its effects and that is the person who is giving the treatment is most likely a very kind and caring individual who wants the other persons success. There are profound reports on the effects of simply having someone touch another in a caring way that can bring about emotional and physical healing. 




Each session is 55 min.



1 session               - $165.00