Alchemists have learned the ancient art of following and combining the laws of nature, the universe and humanity. It is a form of chemistry, which investigates the use of higher powers and forces that run through the planet and through all living things. Alchemists have to challenge themselves to grow into the ability of becoming the physical chamber of transformation or what is known as the physical caldron of knowledge. One becomes an alchemist. 


Once he or she can hold the knowledge in the physical structures within the body (or bodies), this added ingredient of knowledge can be used to create a formula. It does not end here though; the laws of nature also must be studied and understood.  This includes certain times of the year, particular locations, the sun, the moon, plants, animals, the seasons, and the elements. Once a formula is made, it is up to the person taking it to rise up to what it can offer for healing. 









I have made an alchemical formula called Life-Force which includes a liquid formula, a powdered mixture and activated water. All of the ingredients are programmed to you once I have the proper information. There are no illegal or hallucinogenic ingredients. It is an herbal formula intended to increase and offer healing to your life-force energy. How it will work with you will be dependent on where you life needs boosts of energy. You will need to contact me before you buy it. 

Essential Oils


Essential oils have known healing properties to relieve physical and emotional conditions. In fact, essential oils have been considered among some of the strongest therapeutic and rejuvenating of all plant extracts. Once considered a questionable "alternative" healer, essential oils are becoming more mainstream for natural healer