There are reasons to complain. People are fighting cancer, water is contaminated, violent acts occur, and people are dying when we are not ready for them to leave us.


Just when we think it is over, sometimes it is not. How is one suppose to comprehend peace within depths of pain? There is no right amount of days it takes to heal and no set number of calamities that happen to one person.   


What the human spirit does have that allows us to have light in our life is hope. It is what keeps us from breaking. We need hope and we to be hope for others. Hope is the light that we can reach for us and offer a recovery; hope that there is warm love, understanding and support out there. Hope that we are not walking on this planet alone and hope that we can become more than fear, more than the losses, more than the hurt.


Hope is what we have. Hope can keep us from falling into the pattern of staying sad because we are afraid of the fall from happy if something goes wrong. Hope reminds us that if we keep walking toward it, we can have something different. Something better.


Challenge Enhancement

Try to remember or see if you can notice when you felt as though somehow you had a serendipities moment. Some people also call these synchronistic moments. They feel like small glitches in the universe where you get to see that things might happen to help us. 







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