Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness practices include learning how go into states of deep meditation in order to touch upon the aspects of self that reach higher levels of knowing. There are different disciplines and forms of written word that are taught so the knowledge can become embedded or what is known as awakening within. This practice has the potential to help find inner peace, awareness and presence. It helps to show us the great wisdom we hold and how to access it.


Research on Meditation

Meditation is one of the best things you can add into your life. According to a Harvard Study, it can literally change your brain by increasing grey matter and help heal areas in the amygdala to bring feelings of stability and emotional regulation.


Other research on mediation suggests it helps with the stress responses associated with everyday life. The theoretical explanation is that catecholamine’s and other stress hormones are reduced allowing for the parasympathetic activity to increase. Certain health care systems are integrating meditation to their practice as a way to avoid sickness and have a better overall well-being. 


What is known through studies does not compare to what it does for each individual. When a person starts to meditate, there are doors that can open and experiences that can only be known by the individual when it is done regularly. 


Purpose of Meditation

The purpose of meditation is usually to achieve a calm state through relaxing the body and finding an inner state of awareness. It can also be a way to help transform the mind through becoming increasingly aware of negative patterns, thoughts, habits, feelings and actions and transmuting them to the positive. Through this nourishment, profound peace and acceptance can emerge allowing for new ways of being in the world.

1 hour of teaching is $165.00