These sessions help navigate you to enhance your life path. Relationships, work and home can all resonate with more life. These sessions include ways to motivate yourself, grow transpersonally and expand into what is possible for you











Empowerment, strength and harmony can arise through life-navigation. Direct your life toward your purpose! Gain the willpower it takes to make positive change.













Ignited changes or the openings of new doors inside of you allows you to evolve into a new form of consciousness. Life Navigation helps you both explore this part of yourselve and/or develop a deeper understanding of an experience.


Life Navigation integrates Kabbalah with Jungian, developmental and archetypal psychology, family systems and psychodynamic perspectives as well as astrology and alchemy. 

















Together we create your life map. This map is created with your help and is resourceful in all walks of life including marriage, partnership, business, parenting, getting through problems or the process of building your inner or outer empire.


Creating your map can be insiteful and life changing. The Life Navigator is instrumental with direction to action and giving tools to show how the client is indeed the captain of his or her own ship.


When you start creating your own map it is automatically empowering but the edge of fun "magic" brings a new dynamic and depth that allows you to fully engage is your life in new and undiscovered ways. 


We start by meeting weekly for the first 2 to 3 months. After this, we decide if we want to continue meeting weekly or every other week. 




Each session is 6o minutes. You can add another therapy* on for an additional 30 min. 

Price Per Session

55 min - $165.

90 min - $ 237.  (with one additional therapy)


*The other therapies included in this price are, sound healing, prana with styloself and reiki. Only one service can be added at a session.  


Recommended Sessions

This journey starts with a phone call and sessions are based on the needs of the client.