Kindness Commitment


Kindness is when you meet me in the shadow and shine your light.

Kindness - There are choices in front of us in every circumstance. Choose Kindness, even if the kindness means being tough in love. 

Kindness is noticing our own impatience, judgement and fears and instead of falling into those, chasing the vision of hope instead.

Kindness is being in your center and remembering you are the love that melts your fears. 

Kindness - Our cry is for the truth and finding it.

Kindness turning the voice inside that tells us what we are not, into what we are.

Kindness is FORgiving.

Kindness is knowing I have what I need inside of me and using it to make my life, better. 

Kindness is the part of you that you know that you are, but sometimes forget. 

Kindness is setting free the hate that has stood in-between us. 

Kindness is keeping my head free from the clutter of my own mind makes up. It is the love that I feel when I am finally finally finally set that free.

Kindness is letting go so everyone can move on. 

Kindess is you living your dreams. Not the worlds dreams, but yours. 

Kindness is communicating and listening. Keep talking until you see their pain and you are heard.

Kindness is all of our path in the dark or the light. Kindness is pain that makes me grow. It is in death the voice that lets me know I am going to be ok. It's your hand, it is my hand, it is us in our best moment. 

Kindness is understanding  you don't need to have all the answers. 

Kindness is a simple form is sharing love with yourself and others. 

Kindness is knowing you are so much more than you believe in this moment.