Kindness Commitment 

We want to end our trials in life. We want to end our pain. But, what does it take to break free from these shadows of our own life and of the world around us?


                                                      What does it take to become something more? 


Can we dare to believe that we can come together and find the threads that bind a world into a place where we can live our passions, we can laugh and be ourselves?  A world where we do not care about how we looked or how much money we make, but instead focused on how to make this life an art form using all our colors and hues.  A place where we do not hate others for being different, but saw the beauty in diversity. What if we could find one another, look inside each others eyes and see depth? 


I think underneath it all what we all want is to find our hearts connected, for our true selves to open, for us all to be free from our triggers. I want to see me, I want to see you, love and be loved with a radiant heart.


                                                        This is us becoming something more. 

The time has come to open doors and let the past be not what keeps us locked in, but a catapults us into a direction of freedom. 

Let this journey we called life lead us into understanding kindness in a new way. A way that shows how powerful it is. A way to prove that the rough exterior of this militant world can be brought down with the very substance that it is fighting against; love.  

There are enough of us who care about the world, that care about one another and want to look into a mirror to see who we really are and to see how we can do our part to make this world a better place. We are here and we are not alone.

We who are committed to doing something good. 

We have an opportunity to make a 25 day commitment to kindness. A period of time to test out what we are made of and to let this experience shape us into a fabric that is better than it was before. A commitment to kindness means you are willing to approach life with this question,

                                                                            "Am I being kind?"