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You can start a daily practice of going to kindness as your first reaction by first joining our 21 day complaint free challenge. This challenge upgrades your internal and external relationship with the world. You will learn how to stop negative thinking and transform your thoughts, words and actions so you can undo what is not working and redo your system with positive ways of being.


WHAT is this challenge?


We challenge you to stop complaining for 21 days! 


WHY Take This Challenge?!


  • There is too much complaining in the world, and we need your help to make it a better place. 

  • Your friends and family will appreciate it.

  • You will become aware of just how much negative thought pollutes our world and how to stop this nonsense. 

  • You will free your mind and heart to explore the beauty and potential life offers. 

  • Your life might become even more positive and happy. 

  • Take this challenge to see how long you can actually last without complaining. 



WHAT you will need:


1. A bracelet flexible enough to be able to switch wrists. You can get one at

2.  Accountability. Tell someone you are taking this challenge and tell him or her how you are doing with it. 

3. An attitude that you will finish this challenge.

4. Email me so I can know you are taking this challenge.



HOW it works:


 You will pick your start date, and put your chosen bracelet on one of your wrists. Anytime you make an outward expression of DISSATISFACTION through criticizing, gossiping, or being sarcastic, you must switch the bracelet to your other wrist. The trick is to catch yourself and be honest about it. You can think anything you want, this challenge first only applies to the words you say out loud.


Definitions of that this means

Criticism - Pointing out another person's "faults" in a disapproving way. 

Gossip - Talking about others with the intent of harm.

Sarcastic- Saying it's a sunny day when it is raining is being funny using sarcasm. Saying, "Nice job catching the ball" when someone drops it by accident is complaining. 


It is also important to notice the difference between complaining and expressing - In this case, you must look at your intention. Are you bringing awareness in hopes of finding a solution for yourself or others?  People do need to express themselves. This is very important. However, the tone of voice, the intention behind your words and its desired outcome must be considered. I encourage you notice when you are complaining verses sharing how you feel. 


It is important to tell people you are taking this challenge so you have accountability.  However, you don't want bracelet referees, you want to find friends who will support you.  Most people find they don't last even a few hours before they are switching their bracelet, so don't get discouraged. This might take some practice. The challenge is to see how long you can keep the bracelet on one wrist. No cheating by doing all the clever things we think of to get around not switching your bracelet. This is to bring awareness to yourself. No point in cheating. 


At the end of the challenge, you have the opportunity to send me your results. Tell me the longest you went without complaining. You can also share your experience along the way by emailing me the impact it has on your life and your stories. For some people, this challenge will be eye opening and life changing. If I have your permission, I will publish some of the results on my website to share your experience with others for encouragement. 


HOW to get started:

Once you pick your start date, you go to the part of this website for Complaint Free Challenge. Go to Day 1 and read through that day. Then, each day you will open the page that is in accordance with the number of day you are on. For example, day one, you open "day one" and so on.  The page will have short messages to inspire you, make you think, ignite creativity in your life and show you how you can build strength that only comes through this kind of work. I want you to find out what happens inside of you when you take this Complaint Free (r) Challenge. You also will be putting on your bracelet everyday and switching it to the other wrist when you find yourself complaining. Do you think you can you do it, or is this too hard? I say, why not try?  Spontaneous happiness is known to happen due to this challenge. 


 This idea was created by Will Bowen so feel free to check out his website or read his book Complaint Free (r) World. It is great stuff!!

LINK Complaint Free Challenge page

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