Dr. Petia Kremen has been in medical practice for over 10 years. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. 


Her medical degree is from the University of Varna, Bulgaria. After practicing for several years, Dr. Kremen moved to London to further study advanced techniques in Western Medicine. She then traveled to California, where after various research projects, including alternative therapies at Stanford University and working for innovative firm Intuitive Surgical. Afterwards, Dr. Kremen was accepted for her postgraduate training at UCLA, Kern Medical Center. Dr. Kremen then completed a rigorous internal medicine residency, earning the coveted “Excellence in Medicine” award and a second Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD) degree.


She has worked in diverse health environments including a mega HMO, private hospitals, county hospitals, student health, urgent care and other outpatient settings, garnishing a broad set of experiences treating challenging cases. Dr. Kremen has found conventional Western medicine helpful in those situations involving advanced degree of dysfunction of the organism; however its gives little or no help in preventing any of these conditions. This dichotomy brought her on the path of studying and applying integrative and holistic medicine. Dr. Kremen sees the person as a whole and strongly believes that “a good physician treats the disease, but the great one the person.” She applies to her practice of medicine a rich experience in modalities such as Functional Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Body-Mind Healing, HeartMath, Energy Medicine, and Bach Flower Essence.