Day 8








How to Overcome



Some people believe that if one does not complain they are doing something called by-passing true feelings. By-passing is passing over the emotions or situations one does not like by pretending they are not there or pushing them down into the subconscious. Then, instead of dealing with these feelings one assumes they are powerful, happy or spiritual. For example someone can say, "I live in the light of God" (and the important part to notice is the whole hearted belief that this is true) but they lie, cheat, use substances to pacify unprocessed emotions and hurt others.


By-passing means a person passed the growth and development part that gives someone the knowing of who they are because they did the work. If you don't do the work of growing, but think you have all the answers, you are by-passing.


If one is unaware of what is actually going on inside of him or her, in ignorance can say, “I am love and light because it feels good and looking at that other stuff, feels bad. I want no part of that.”


By-passing emotions is not recommended. There is something to grow in all of us. What is needed to grow these unprocessed emotions is a lot of courage, a safe environment, love and a healthy place to sprout yourself.










Courage is the needed energy to face ourselves and we can’t do this when we are in self-deprivation. What is one of the ways to reach self-deprivation? You guessed it, complaining. Remember that when we complain, we get into negative cycles. What helps us get out of deprivation? Being willing to see the beautiful goodness around you and use courage to face your own wounds.


Challenge Enhancement


What do you want to overcome?

I want to overcome __________________. So, today I will look at all the ways I am doing what I believe is good in the world and all the ways I use my gifts (pause for remembering). I will remember what I have done that I am proud of accomplishing. When I feel into the goodness within me, I will use this energy to make me strong enough to face (what you filled in above) with love and compassion. I commit to making small choices that lead me to overcoming.