Day 6


The Differences Between Complaining and.......





Expressing Complaining is destructive, expressing feelings to help move you into a more helpful direction, is constructive. It can be a fine line. Pay attention to what emotions you are experiencing, listen to them and honor your feels. Expressing those feelings with someone who cares can be healing, if it brings you toward an emotional resolution. Expressing criticism, gossip or ill intended sarcasm might only produce more negativity. The loop of complaining will then suck you into its destruction. Beware. 


Stating a fact It is cold out and you are just noticing it, is stating a fact. Saying the same thing but the intention is to whine about the weather is complaining. 


Standing up for yourself Saying no to someone who is hurting you, is not complaining!  You don't need to find the positive in an abusive environment. Protect yourself!


Getting help If you are experiencing an illness and you need to describe your symptoms, it is not complaining. Telling everyone you meet that you have a cold and expecting them to give you attention, is complaining. 


Challenge Enhancement

Today, notice the small differences between when you want to complain or need to express something for self bettering purposes. The small differences make a big difference!







"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."- Winston Churchill