Day 5







Rebuild Yourself With What You Need





Complaining can be a method used to ask for something you are not getting. Replacing complaining with what will be healthy for you is key. Maybe you want your loved one to pay more attention to you, so you complain about how little time he or she is spending with you. Notice why you want to complain and what you are really asking for.



Replacing complaining with something constructive can be easy! In the situation with the partner complaining about a lack of time spent, ask the partner out on a date.  If you are complaining about traffic, turn down the frustration and turn up your music. We can even think when something goes wrong, "PLOT TWIST," and move on (I read that on a facebook post). You can rebuild yourself with what you need. 



Replace complaining with something constructive! 



Many of us criticize, gossip and are sarcastic because of the umbrella emotions of needing to feel 2. loved and 3.accepted. These emotions get tricky because when these basic needs are not felt inside, it puts a void in our life. This void within wants to be filled so it takes control of our life and tries to fill itself. What it can do to us and the people around us is unreal.  



The worst part is, we don't even know we are being ruled by these emotions. We don’t even think this message applies, but it applies to everyone. Think about this for yourself. 



It is easy to be complaint free when we are not being ruled by this void. 


WATCH OUT THOUGHT, when these emotions become needy, they turn into a hungry, unhealthy animal. This can cause all kinds of crazy problems. ALL KINDS! Feeding your system a healthy, safe environment free of angry people or harmful situations and filled with the beautiful flavors of true love and deep acceptance, can satiate a spirit to true happiness. It reconstructs our emotional structure so it can take in the good life offers. 


Getting to the good stuff will require you to replace your situations with what will offer you healthy and filling safety, love and acceptance. As a small plug, this is part of what I do for my clients at Life-Inspire. Your well-being matters to the planet! 


~Jessica Jacobson


Challenge Enhancement

Today, challenge yourself to replace a complaint with a positive resolution. 




Ted Talk - Tony Robbins


Why We Do What We Do



"The less you respond to negativity, the more peaceful your life will become."