Day 4


Top 7 Reasons to be Complaint Free




 If for any reason you have fear over letting go of complaining because of a belief that it helps you in some way, think again! Even though there are reasons to complain, there are better reasons not to do it. 


1. When we stop complaining, we can bring our attention to what is good in ourselves. This helps our internal system so we can build healthy self-esteem.


2. When you are complaint free you have the ability to see resolutions instead of perpetuating what is wrong. This helps us have better relationships, health and well-being.


3. Being complaint free moves you away from thinking that "you can't" do something and toward the attitude that many things are possible. 


4. Being complaint free can lead to spontaneous happiness.


5. Complaint free people are more likely to have less stress.


6. Your brain needs a break from hearing negativity from the world outside of you or in your own head.


7. Being complaint free is better for us as it can show us how much more good is happening in our lives.  It is much more than we think. 


8 Being complaint free(r) leaves more space in our hearts to find love. 



Challenge Enhancement

Today, notice how being a participant in the complaint free challenge has made an impact on your life. 





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