Day 3

The Energy of Words







The words you think and use have a resonance to them. Like a pebble dropping into a pond, the effects of the resonance continue with circles getting bigger, as they move outward. They can even reach the shores of people we don't even know of or speak to directly.


How we use our words both inside our mind and with others matters because they impact us and the world around us in profound ways. Words can sink us and we can be brought to life by them. Think of a time when someone said something kind to you. To say that words don't "hurt" you or impact you is as crazy as saying Jesus didn't really care about people to Christians. The words we use or hear from others can have such a strong impact that it can shape our life. IT TAKES SECONDS TO HURT AND IT CAN TAKE YEARS TO HEAL. 








Our words resonate out as energy and the vibration continues even after we stop talking.  

Words are one of the ways we can notice our internal soul structure because the words we use are charged by our conscious, but mostly unconscious, emotions, intentions and thoughts. For example, if you say with a nice tone, "have a good day", but really mean, "go to hell", you have spoken a vibration that is resonating who you are, even if your words don't match how you really feel.




Our words are given fuel from emotions, intentions and thoughts.  




The very sounds of our internal structure resonates out with every word we use, and it, in turn, forms our life. Here is where it gets really good because when we notice the emotions, intentions and thoughts behind our words, such as when we catch ourselves complaining, we can catch ourselves before heading into a negative place and turn it around to something positive. We have the opportunity to change and empower our very soul structure. If this internal system is empowered, it can have a container that is strong enough to hold happiness and joy. This kind of structure does not need to complain.  











On the other hand, we can still get caught up in complaining.  The energy of complaining is like a heavy rock that takes you down to the bottom of the pond with it, depriving you of oxygen and life. It not only hurts you, it resonates out with circles of hurt that hit other people who are around you.  The energy produced by complaining is agitation and destruction. To the bottom of the pond we go and let’s tell everyone so they can come with us!  The resonance of complaining hurts others because the one complaining did not move toward resolution of a problem or insight to grow. Instead a person added aggravating and destructive words to the world that lead to more aggravation in life.



Our words resonate out as energy and the vibration continues even after we stopped talking. Just as the resonance of complaining can circle out with aggravation, we also have the same ability to resonate the beauty of life within and around us.


In becoming aware of your words, become aware of the world you are creating.  



Challenge Enhancement

Today, start rippling out words of positive intention, so it's resonance can reach into people's souls. Listen to the words you say. Listen to your tone and intention. Listen to your inner thoughts and listen to how beautiful you can make the world. 













































Like thousands, I have already begun changing my focus. While waiting for my bracelet, I have started wearing a rubber band around my wrist. This has made me aware of what I am doing. I've been doing this for about a week, and I am now rarely complaining. The remarkable thing about this is how much happier I feel! Not to mention how much happier those around me must be (like my husband!). I have wanted to work on my complaining for a long time and the bracelet campaign has been the impetus for my changing behavior. 


The subject of the bracelet and the mission behind them has come up in many conversations, so the mission has a huge ripple effect where many people are at least thinking about how often they complain and perhaps deciding to behave differently. This movement may have a very far-reaching effect as more and more people hear of the idea. The reach of this mission is far greater than those who actually get the bracelets! Awesome to think about. 


Jeanne Reilly

Rockville, Maryland




Reprinted with permission from the book Complaint Free World, pg 48. 

YouTube with Oprah and Maya Angelo 


Power of Words

"Complaining never atrracts what you want: it perpetuates what you do not want."-Will Bowen