Day 21


You Make A Difference







WE Did IT!!!!!!


I want to personally thank you for being a part of this challenge. Thank you for your time, participation, work on yourself and adding to the positive ripple effect out into the world. Thank you for being you and adding such value to the planet. 


The difference can continue if we build a community in the world living with positive intentions. Time is our territory to make something good. Your graduation into a complaint-free person qualifies you to build onto your internal change. What you can do is ask yourself if you want to make a kindness commitment. A kindness commitment is a promise you make with yourself to go to kindness first.


When you are feeling bad, go to kindness for self. When you feel great, intentionally show as much kindness as possible to others. Going to kindness first is your key to doors within yourself. Remember we can't do this until we train ourselves to get out of complaining and into positive resolutions. Making a kindness commitment is your way of expanding even more into better and happier places.


This commitment lets us go into a place only a few people know exist. Again, just as we thought we were not complainers at the beginning of the challenge, we don't actually know what true kindness feels like unless we learn how to get there.


There has been a promise I have been making that we CAN make this work a better place. We CAN build it. The links we now need to make are the links to one another through kindness. Kindness opens our eyes to a fabric in the universe that most people don’t trust is there, but it is there! Right now you might not trust me. You might think your world is too hard, you are too busy, you are in pain, you think you are fine with the way life is or any other reason to give up on this.


There is more than we know about from our perspective today. There is more out there or shall I say within you. If you have even a small amount of faith in my words, join me in a mission to commit to kindness.


We can build a better world together. 





Challenge Enhancement

Now that you have detoxified negativity with the Complaint Free Challenge, join us in a Kindness Commitment. Show kindness to yourself and others first. This means going to a place of kindness before going into other emotions. Think in terms of kindness first! If you would like to continue with a kindness commitment, please join us at Kindness Commitment will be up and running soon.