Day 19

Complaint Free Mastery









Sometimes it takes months to get to 21 days straight without complaining in order to fully complete this challenge. Sometimes it becomes too much of a burden to continue and so people take off their bracelets and let go of this challenge. Others will find that they start to emerge into a new way of existence. People find that they have changed for the good. If we are no longer articulating negative words, our mind closes down to them. Changing our words changed our world. 


In becoming a master, this process becomes unconscious, meaning you don't even notice you don't do it anymore. The once rampant factory of negativity closed down and now the positive opens up for business.  This all happens automatically after we have done our time with switching the bracelets and bringing awareness into our words. You might also start to notice other people who complain and not like to hang out with them. You might find that it is toxic to you and decide that being with people who carry higher messages on all levels are more interesting in general.


Moving from a place of not complaining allows us to move from a place of depletion to a place of possibilities. You can see them now because even though they were always there, the negative factory blinded us to them. The day holds so much possibility that when we become masters of the Complaint-Free Challenge, we start to see the array of ways to open up into them. The world becomes a very different place to live. Something happens to us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually when we get to this place of being. The work that it took to change the bracelets is worth the happiness payoff. 


Your contribution to the world matters. Every smile you give away, every time you bring your positive energy into the room, it changes. The ripple effect continues, even when we don't know how far and wide it reaches out into the world.


Never forget you are making a difference. Never forget how important you are. 


Complaint-free mastery is worth the time and energy it takes to get here. If you find you are still on the path of shutting down the negative factory, keep going. Keep switching the bracelet and noticing it. We metamorphosis into this change, it does not happen overnight. Keep going!


Challenge Enhancement.

When we shut down the negative word factory and open up a positive one, our world changes. Today, notice how nice it is to live with positive words and intentions.