Day 18


You Are Stronger Than You Think.











I think we can forget how strong we are. If we give up too easily we never really know where our strength can take us. We hit a bump in the road and assume it is all over or not meant to be. We sometimes give up too easily. Yet, we are stronger then we think. What we can actually do outweighs what we can't. What you can do and are capable of is bigger than you might think.


Some people have become accustom to giving in too early on all levels in life. Mentally, physically emotionally.... We give up because we think it is too hard. However, think about a women who unexpectedly gave birth without pain medications, or Amy Racina who fell 60 feet down a cliff and survived. Maybe ask someone who has survived a plane crash what that was like and we will learn that we are stronger than we think.


TIP - Don't try that at home.  


On an emotional level when things get difficult, we also can give up too early. Of course there are times we do the opposite and hold on too long, because giving up is too scary. If we don't like what someone said or did, out of hurt, we give up on friendships and partnerships to soon. We give up on ourselves emotionally because we think life gets too hard. Maybe, we are taking a complaint-free challenge and we give up because we don't think we can do it for 21 days straight. We can always find some excuse. 


However, we are stronger than we think. When we learn that change is ok, that we can manage physical pain or that the growth process takes time, we can come into knowing a new kind of strength.  So buckle up, because I want you to take this seriously.


You can handle life and its challenges.


Maybe we need support from loving friends and family. Maybe we need to go through a grief process or learn how to receive love. Maybe we need to see what we are made of and give ourselves physical challenges. Anyway you want to look at it, I want to remind you that you are stronger than you may think. 


You’ve got this. 


You can do this.


We can do this!




Challenge Enhancement

Change your words from I can't to I can. If you have not accomplished something and you are about to give up, change your words to I have not accomplished that yet. Be the strength you wish to be and see where it can take you.