Day 17


Off Stage







In my own experience in the world of motivational speakers, religious teachers, spiritual 

advisors or workshop leaders, I noticed there were some people who act very different off stage from the messages they deliver on stage in front of their audience. I also had an experience of watching members of a peace group get arrested because of violent acts and I met with an author who wrote a book on happiness, who was very unhappy. 


Some people who teach value systems do not subscribe to their own messages and don't see anything wrong with it. I am not complaining or judging these people. No bracelet wrist switching yet. It is my hope to point out the possibility of us becoming a stronger version of our own values, so we can be in alignment with our own truths. 


Who we are is revealed in our actions and this includes when nobody is watching. 


A friend of mine owns a business that helps people become healthy. She is working on making it a well-known brand. She can work hard and behind closed doors eat junk food, smoke cigarettes and get wasted every night. Through her hard work on her business, she may become one the richest people ever with hotels and magazines worldwide. Achieving this kind of financial gain offers its own rewards, but it would not close the gap between who she knows she is or wants to be and how she is acting. Her financial success could not buy her alignment to her values.  


Just as the members of the peace group did many things to help with the success of a campaign, they missed the part about actually becoming peaceful people. Closing the gap between what we know we want to be and our actions requires us to have discipline. If you know you want to become a complaint-free person, you must work toward noticing when you do it and change your bracelet every time. In the knowing that you can become a complaint-free person, you are taking steps to become it. The becoming allows you to align with your values.


There is something beautiful about the alignment into our own integrity. It feels good to work toward the truth of who we are and stand strong in it. 


Challenge Enhancement


Today, pick a value that you want to emanate and take steps toward being that value through your actions. For example, if you feel family is one of your values, spend time with your family, talk to them, connect to their lives. Be the living version of your values.