The light in the room







I could tell something was off before I went to bed. I heard a quick thought say, "if she wants to, she will stay alive". It passed by so quickly that if I was not shocked by it, I wouldn’t have even thought twice about it. I said goodnight to my mom who looked perfectly healthy to me and brushed off the previous thought.



We woke up the next day and it was the 4th of July on the lake. My sister was there with her adorable kids, my kids were there and everything came to life. My mom who is in her 70's told me to get ready to go water skiing.



She was always a better athlete than me, even at her age, so I knew she would be bugging me to go. We left and when she could not get up on her single ski, I knew something was terribly wrong. She said she was dizzy and we went back to the dock. It took a short period of time for it to go from normal to bad.



She had a stroke and the brain bleed was horrible. I remembered my passing thought and felt the burning in my throat as I came into the sharp reality that this might be the last time I ever saw her. 



She chose to stay alive. She suffered a stroke and now 3 more after that one. She has lost her ability to do all of the sports she use to love. She can no longer drive and she has problems with her vision. You would never know it though. If you met her, she would be the light in the room. She makes jokes, she asks you how you are doing and she finds the joy in the moment.



She continued to compliment the service of the hospital and when she got home she continued to compliment the beauty in the day. She will always tell you what she can do. She is even reading this message today because she is also taking the challenge. Hi Mom! SUPRISE! I dedicate this day to you! Your positive words, spirit and attitude have made it to the challenge!




                            Mom --->

              on the 3rd of July




It is not that some people have the ability to see life with a positive outlook; we learn how to do it! We learn how to see the positive and to find what is right in our lives. The beauty we notice is what brings the light in. It is how we can become the light in the room.



Challenge Enhancement

When you are in a room full of people, smile. Ask at least one person what is good about his or her day. Help remind yourself and others to be the light in the room.