Day 11

10 Stops to Happiness Ave








1. Positive Words. Words expressing positive intentions help your mind and body remember the sounds of happiness.


2. Nourish the Moment. Taking small pauses to be in the moment opens a magical door. Try it out! Carpe Diem!


3. Heart Occupations. Occupying your heart with the happiness of life, awakens its power. If noticing happiness becomes the heart’s main job, it really keeps us ALIVE.


4. Hope. Walking forward on life’s journey with hope brightens the light on our path. One step at a time, rekindling the light when needed. 


5. Smiles. Smiling increases feelings of happiness and it is the signal others pick up on to feel it too. Share the happy!


6. Challenge. Happiness comes in many forms. When we overcome challenges through hard work and perseverance, that strength is our becoming. Happiness is a result of our own accomplishments. 


7. Connect. Connecting to loving people is what its all about. The hokey poky doesn't even stand a chance when compared to how happy one can feel when we are connected to loving people. 


8. Spongy. Absorb the goodness of life as though you are a sponge taking it all in. Breath in the beauty and then let it soak into your soul.    


9. Rest. The body recovers and gets stronger through resting. We need to relax so our body can feel happy. 


10. PLAY! Play like a child when he or she is on a playground. Play as though your happiness depends on it.



10 stops to happy! I'll meet you there!

~Jessica Jacobson