The Truth about Criticism 









If criticism is your motivation, it can lead to continual seeking of approval from someone else’s opinion. Let the truth be in you, growing, and from there shine brighter. 



Happiness builds more happiness, criticism builds nothing. It tears people down. So there is nothing "constructive" about it. Criticism is pointing out another's faults in a disapproving way. 


Our world has its fill of critics and our mind could use a break from negative zones to see what else is available. This can be from your own thoughts and/or from someone close to you who criticizes you.


When the person who is criticizing you is you, taking a break might be hard! There was a study done on mediation where it revealed how meditation healed the brain’s grey matter and helped with emotional regulation. Maybe meditation can be used for taking a break from self-criticism and create the same results?


Nobody I know consciously likes to be criticized. It also appears that it has an opposite effect than what was desired. It expands the problem instead of dealing with it. Do you notice that people will respond to the loudest noise? If there is a noisy restaurant and someone drops dishes, everyone stops talking and looks. It is the same with criticism. It becomes the loudest noise and so our attention continues with what is wrong instead of healing what needs to be healed. If you tell someone what is wrong with him or her, the focus of attention is not on making it better, but expanding the "problem" even more. It is a negative energy cycle that hits rinse repeat. 


You can give feedback to someone without criticizing them.


Empowering someone and giving him or her the authority allows them to step into themselves. The loudest noise is what they can do right and all the creative ways he or she can step into that mind frame.


A friend of mine celebrates her children’s successes. When she notices her kids did something that helped them succeed in life, she writes it down on a note card. Her kids read them at the end of the week at what she calls a success party dinner. She made a commitment to not use criticism as discipline, and her kids look for ways to enhance their own life. The kids have been able to exceed expectations because the loudest noise is what they can do. 


Banishing criticism from our tone of voice, body language and words will lift the negative blanket off of our life. We can reach for creative solutions, say what we feel without hurting others, and feel better about life because we are not living in a negative world outlook. When we change our thoughts, we change our world. 


Challenge Enhancement

Find a creative way to change a critical statement you want to make into something that empowers the person you are talking to. 

Give attention to that which grows you.


If you load your words with loving intentions, you grow a healthier world in those who listen.