Day  1





Instead of growing dissatisfaction through complaining, nurture happiness, beauty and joy.








People want more happiness in their life. The good news is, this is possible. The bad news is, we have to work for it. This includes working on formulating new habits. "Habits are formed by the repetition of particular acts. They are strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated acts. Habits are also weakened or broken, and contrary habits are formed by the repetition of contrary acts" - Mortimer Adler 


We must undo the habitual pattern of finding what is wrong in life, and decide to find what is right. 


You may believe that you and the people around you don't complain very much. However, it has become so common that we don't even notice it, making it hard to get rid of that patterning. Complaining to friends, co-workers, spouses or family has turned into a form of bonding. In psychology, it is called Trauma Bonding. We run to people to tell them what is wrong with our world as a form of connecting. The problem with this is it gets us caught in a negative habitual cycle, keeping our focus on problems instead of solutions. The focus on problems keeps our brains mesmerized with negativity. 








With the focus on what is wrong, we can become blinded to seeing all the beauty that is occurring in life. The vibrant colors and livelihood offered are missed.



Challenge Enhancement

The challenge for day 1 in our Complaint Free (r) mission is to start noticing what is good around you. Notice scenery, what you feel is beautiful, and the good in people. Notice what you do well and find ways to compliment yourself and others. Start working on re-patterning the habit of complaining to the habit of finding the good in life. Continue with switching the bracelet when you find yourself making any outward expression of dissatisfaction and then take time to notice what is right.


~Jessica Jacobson~



"Like most of the other folks who took up the Complaint Free Challenge, I quickly discovered exactly how many works I spoke in daily interactions were complaints. For the fist time, I really heard myself when I vented about work, whined about my aches and pains, bemoaned political and world issues and complained about the weather. What a shock to realize how many of my words held negative energy- and I considered myself such a positive person!" - Matry Pointer

Reprinted with permission-Complaint Free World

How Beauty Feels





"Complaining is like bad breath. We notice it when it comes out of someone elses mouth, but not when it comes out of our own." - Will Bowen, Complaint Free World