Discovering Damanhur and an Atlantis colony together!


We are organizing a Damanhur and Santorini tour from July 15-25.  Together we will discover underground temples and relive the myth of Atlantis!


July 15-18 DAMANHUR


Our journey will begin in the sacred and mystical site of Damanhur where we will explore the underground temples, sacred forest and meet the people who live there. Damanhur is known for its rich connection in evolved knowledge and wisdom related to spiritual and eco development.


Damanhur is a place of inspiration and spreads its spiritual message in order to reawaken individual human potential. People travel all over the world to learn about the mysteries they have discovered and depth of important information only they can provide. 





July 18-25 SANTORINI


The journey into the mystical exploration does not end in Damanhur. We will continue our adventure to Santorini where we will take a trip into the myths of our past and explanations of possible connections we all have with this land.


Archaeological, seismological, and vulcanological evidence has been presented linking the Atlantis myth to Santorini. Speculation suggesting that Thera/Santorini was the inspiration for Plato's Atlantis began with the excavation of Akrotiri in the 1960s, and gained increased currency as reconstructions of the island's pre-eruption shape and landscape frescos located under the ash both strongly resembled Plato's description. The possibility has been more recently popularized by television documentaries such as The History Channel program Lost Worlds (episode "Atlantis"), the Discovery Channel's, Solving History with Olly Steeds, and the BBC's Atlantis, The Evidence, which suggests that Thera is Plato's Atlantis.


We will stay in Karterados town in the historical Agios Artemios Hotel. This place made up of small homes in traditional Egean style.

If you want to have a look at the hotel click here:


Inclusive costs:

  • Fly ticket from Damanhur to Santorini

  • Hotel with continental breakfast

  • All activities and tickets included in the "program of the tour"



 Tour Program:


July 15-18 DAMANHUR


  • Introduction to Damanhur

  • A tour of the temples

  • Exploration of the Sacred Forest

  • Damanhur Teachings

  • Interacting directly with Damanhurian people at the Nucleo


July 18-25  SANTORINI

  • Akrotiri excavation tour with guide

  • Prehistorical Museum of Fire with Monoan frescos and art from the excavations

  • Archeological Museum of Fire

  • Archeological Ancient town of Thera, on Mesa Vouno peak

  • Excursion on Profitis Ilias hill

  • Imerovigli Skaros rock Excursion

  • Afternoon & Sunset Private Cruise on the traditional Greek caicco boat with Hot Springs swimming, Volcano tour. We will start and came back from the Fire old port just in the middle of the caldera, using the cable car.

  • Lessons from Falco's teaching about Atlantis History & colonies, according to the Santorini "mysterious facts and History mismatch of the Minoan quality of life"

  • The unique "Red Beach" and any other beach on the island that you'd like to visit

  • Daily transportation to hot spots and touristic places you like with Private a bus

  • 2 dinners together (1 dinner during the cruise and 1 other dinners in a typical Santorini restaurant)


Not included

  • All lunches & dinners not included in the "program of the tour"

  • Flights to Damanhur and from Santorini 

COST FOR TRIP $3,500.00