About Kindness Commitment and Complaint Free World Challenge.

A Kindness Commitment is a 25 day challenge where you learn how to make kindness your first reaction.


This means kindness to yourself so you learn how to stop negative cycles of self doubt or kindness to others to help heal relationships and grow.


Going to kindness first also allows your own life to open more to joy and happiness. 


As more and more people learn how to make a commitment to kindness, we as a group of individuals, can come together to make choices for the betterment of ourself and humanity.


An individual who makes a kindness commitment makes the whole of humanity stronger.

Complaint Free World

This is a 21 day challenge where your start to discover how your words impact your world. This challenge asks you to pay attention to how much you are complaining and then gives you awareness on how to change it. It can be one the most meaningful challenges you ever take.