The combined uses of having a doula, prenatel yoga and learning HypnoBirthing is a beautiful way for you and your baby to experince the time of pregnancy and birth with joy and happiness. 


The Hypnobirthing program includes education in;

~ Special Breathing Techniques

~ Self Hypnosis

~ Mindfulness Meditation

~ Relaxation

~ Affirmation 
~ Visualization

~ Bonding With Your Baby

~ Postnatal Care


Doula Service includes

~Educated assistance to the mother during birth 

~Helping the mother during all phases of delivery

~Help with pain relief, emotional assistance and friendship

~Someone you can count on to help with all areas related to home or hospital assistance. 


Prenatal Yoga includes

~ Helping your body become stronger and durable for carrying a baby and birth

~ Helps put the hips and spine into alignment

~ Baby bonding time

~ Pain relief in lowerback 

~ an excellent workout


This program is designed to assist the birthing mother to become empowered and confident as she trusts the innate wisdom of her body. 

Why work with Jessica Jacobson?


Hello! If you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! Having a baby is one of the most exciting things you will do and it will also be one of the most challenging. I am here for you, to support you through your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. 


  • I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Therapist. 


  • I am a certified in HypnoBirthing. I have been trained in the Mogan Method and the women who developed this understands women, their feelings, how to help get through pregnancy and delivery in a calm way. She has built a trustworthy program that unites the family and the baby during this process. 


  • Prior to this I was a teacher and owned a learning center. I studied the child's brain and how it learns. This is helpful because I can educate you on what is happening with your baby and how to help them on their path of life. 


  • I am a certified pre and postnatal yoga instructor.


  • I am a trained Doula from both Birthing Basiscs and Jennifer More who is known worldwide from her teaching and skills in assisting the mother during birthing. 


  • I am educated in Damanhurian, Shamanic and African healing birthing techniques. This means that I also understand mystical aspects of birthing. 


  • I have studies breathing techniques and mindfulness meditations from Buddhists masters and help mothers to be learn calming breath techniques. 


Choosing the right person to work with you during your pregnancy is important. Whomever you pick, trust they care about you and your baby. Find someone with experience and knowledge so you can know you are taken care of and that they will know how to best help you. 




What is HypnoBirthing®?
The Mongan Method

The HypnoBirthing® childbirth method;


1. Empowers women to birth their babies safely, fearlessly, comfortably and without drugs (if that is what they choose). It teaches women to fall into deep trust their bodies, baby and Self. 


2. Educates you and your birthing companion on how to go through the birthing process, as well as, what to do once the baby is born. We use books, music, practical exercises, films and other systematic written materials to assist us and to ensure your experience with us is helpful.  


3. Teaches you how to know what kind of birth will be right for you. It shows you how to handle tough situations that might arise and it educates both you and your birthing partner on how to help prevent problems before they happen. 


5. Teaches you mindfulness meditative practices, how to put yourself in a hypnotic state and breathing techniques so you can come into deeper focus and relaxation.

HypnoBirthing® Benefits

It has the possibility to;

  • Eliminates the fear, tension and stress before, during, and after birthing

  • Educate you on nutrition and exercise

  • Reduces the need for medication 

  • Allows for a faster postnatal recovery  

  • Create space for the roll of the birthing companion

  • Return birthing to a beautiful experience 

How it works


First, we don't hypnotize you so you don't feel any pain or don't remember your birth, which is a common misconception. Instead we have a well thought out system to help you have a calm and meaningful birthing process that supports you, your partner and your baby. 


  • Classes are taught in 5 weekly 2.5 hour live classes. 

  • Private sessions are taught in 8 weekly 1.5 hour live classes.