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Life Inspire

Study for Teens

Want to enhance
positive feelings and boost your mood?

We are looking for participants 
ages 14-18 to join in a 6-week study. It's an online program with flexible hours. 

You must:

  • Physically be able to exercise

  • Have access to the online program (computer, phone...)


Are you available for:

  • 1 hour 2-3x a week for 6 weeks. You can do this program online at anytime during the day. 

When: When all forms are turned in
Where: Online
What:This study examines methods that enhance well-being and feeling better.
Many individuals develop disheartening feelings over time and this research seeks to discover alternative treatments to increase positive feelings.

Happy teens


  • $50 (dispersed at the end of the study if it is completed)

  • Some needed supplies

(650) 274-9595


For more information or to see if you qualify…

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